What is a Tinder Clone?

Every year, an increasing number of people start dating online. Moreover, dating-related businesses have emerged as the second-most profitable online niche, with all dating industry titans seeing year-over-year revenue increase. Tinder's dating app software is built on the successful dating business model of connecting users in order to discover the perfect match. A business owner can easily establish a similar endeavor to Tinder by using the ready-made Tinder clone scripts.

A Complete Tinder Clone Script For Your Dating App Business

The most popular Tinder clone app has made it easier than ever to locate the ideal partner. To match users with the right profiles, the program examines a wide range of characteristics using complex algorithms and code. After completely understanding your dating business's objectives and goals, our skilled team will build a top-notch tinder clone solution.

We create Tinder-like dating applications using cutting-edge technology and strive to understand maximum to help you maximize your ROI while retaining the essential features.

Why Tindo?

Tindo is a comprehensive Tinder clone script that comes with all the amazing features in the Tinder application. We have crafted this readymade dating app clone with the latest date features letting you attract a wide range of app users. Here’s why you should have our Tindo app as your go-to solution,

Reliable & Affordable

The most trustworthy and quickest approach to construct a dating app is with our Tinder clone script. You can deploy your app right away in a matter of days.

Industry Standard Features

Given the unique and customized features, our Tinder clone app is vibrant and engaging. Get the most up-to-date features to stay on top of trends and fads, and never run out of games.

Timely Updates & Support

Highly dedicated developers and skilled support teams work with you regularly to keep you and your Tinder clone updated and market-ready.

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Get the industry-best Tinder clone script from us and venture into the
realm of a profitable business!

Revenue Factor

To be successful, all businesses must focus on the art of revenue generation. What you can do with our Tinder clone app development services is detailed below.

Subscription Plans

This feature lets the users make use of Tinder clone application features by subscribing on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

In-App Purchases

For a given charge, provide premium features such as customized smileys and emojis, GIFs, and font types.

Third-Party Services

Paid third-party services include purchasing tickets, reserving a restaurant table, ordering flowers or chocolates, and so forth.


By displaying different advertising strategies and brand promotional messaging, you can position your app and other businesses to potential users and make money as well.

Premium Matching

Users that want to be successfully matched without having to meet any profile requirements choose random matching packages.

Chat with Unmatched Profiles

Charge users in line with service limits to chat with mismatched profiles. Note that active profiles can accept or decline discussion requests.

Boost & SuperLikes

To increase earnings, the app's admin can use our Tinder clone solution to plan the use of the Boost and Superlike features.

Premium Membership

Our Tinder clone provides users with a number of advantageous premium membership options from which the premium clients can benefit from several additional benefits.

Download the Demo App of Tindo

Are you concerned about the Tinder clone app design? Use our demo to discover all there is to know about our Tinder clone app. Before making a decision, feel and try each feature. Our demos are intended to assist clients to connect with this feeling of entitlement or gaining a better understanding of their requirements.


The advanced add-on features that we have integrated into the Tinder clone script for our clients are outlined here.

Age-Based Match

Using this extra feature, a user may look for new acquaintances based on their age range interests.

Chat Translation

This allows Tinder clone app users to utilize Google Translate to monitor chat conversations in their language of choice.

Voice Messages

The users can use voice messaging tools to improve the chat experience and make the conversation more dynamic and interesting.

OTP Login

Users may register and log in to the site using their mobile numbers and OTP verification, which is a simple and secure technique.

Instant Notifications

When a user's profile is super liked, fresh matches, messages, gifts, or date requests are sent to them right away.

Face Recognition

Using this cutting-edge facial recognition technology for precise identification verification, a quick verification process is done to prevent fake profile creations.


The users can use watermarks on their uploaded pictures to ensure the highest level of security.

Smart Reply

Enable users to swiftly react to any incoming messages using the app's chat interface.

Development Process

With experience, we have refined our Tinder clone app development process. Our skilled dating app developers adhere to an agile app development method to ensure that your dating app clone is a sure bet.

Step 1


We quickly start work on the minimum viable product (MVP), evaluation for prototyping, and other segments to verify your idea.

Step 2


Our specialized business analyst team generates the business vision after completing extensive research on SRS, wireframes, and other challenges.

Step 3

Design &

To guarantee simple interaction, the Tinder clone app is designed with an emphasis on helpful features and add-ons, and a unique user experience.

Step 4

Tinder Clone
App Development

To create a one-of-a-kind online dating app clone that fits the specifications, we employ cutting-edge technology with agile development practices.

Step 5


The Tinder clone is subjected to unit testing, speed testing, integration, and regression testing to ensure product efficacy.

Step 6


We make it simple to publish a Tinder clone app on your servers, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

Technology & Server Requirements


Why Us?

Tinderboxsolutions has created keeping the finest UI features from leading dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and more. This aspect can make your dating app distinctive from the other dating app clones. Here are some further compelling reasons to pick us as your Tinder clone app development partner,










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Frequently Asked Questions

The installation is done free of cost. You need to provide hosting details. Please check the server requirements from the website.

Yes, Tindo provides 100% unencrypted source code which is flexible, and adaptable. Clients can customize our codes according to their requirements.

Yes, We do provide thirty six months free technical support.

We follow a detailed ticketing system for solving the queries of clients. Clients can just raise the tickets, and get their concerns solved quickly.

Ofcourse , we do sign service level agreements and contracts.

We do not provide any web hosting services, but we would be happy to recommend some specific web hosting services based on your needs.

Yes we do support on the product after the purchase, like doing customization changes, fixing bugs etc,..

It totally depends on hosting companies. It generally takes between 12-24 hours and the installation is completely free of cost.

Unfortunately No, Our products operate on single domain only. Clients will get the license for another domain for the purpose of testing, and development.

Yes, Custom development services are applicable for all our products. We run three engagement models namely fixed cost, time&material, and dedicated developer for providing custom development services.

The script is tested and working 100%. If you require any customization changes to the script we are happy to do it at best hourly price. Please contact us at [email protected] for customization cost.

We communicate with the client and update the devlepment process in Basecamp( project management tool). All the discussion will happen through Basecamp and if required a skype call can be arranged.

If a user make some changes in the code/modifies the code; then it would be hard for us to work on modified script. So we strongly recommend customers, not to make any changes with the script; and our free support will be terminated if find any changes made in the script.

Yes, we will help with the customers for the approval of the app. We need IOS app store login and google play login details from customers for approval of the app. Our experienced team will communicate with the customer via basecamp/skype to get required details in order to submit the app successfully in app store.

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