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A Tinder clone app is a surprising and enthralling way to associate with dates through online means to get to know them better via smartphones.

People can find dates based on specific criteria through matches and start interacting with them before going out on a date. That sums up, in a nutshell, the power of a dating app.

To develop a dating app seamlessly, you need a Tinder clone script built robustly for both the iOS and Android platforms. The solution is integrated with the best features that made Tinder and other such successful dating apps a massive success in the first place.

To thrive in the dating domain use some cool features like Distance-Based Matches, Unlimited Right Swipes, Age-Based Matches, Super Likes, Group Chats, Boost, Rewind feature and much more that comes with Tinderboxsolution's clone script.

If you are looking to make a mark in the dating domain, we are happy to say that you are in the right place now!

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We will do everything to use the most sophisticated technologies to optimize your online dating business to the next level.


Get to know more about this app

  • Distance based matches
  • Like, Superlike
  • Reject profiles
  • Chat
  • Matching feature
  • Geolocation
  • Tindo Pro features
  • Social login

Integral Features

App settings:

Easily changeable app settings to show best profile matches based on your preferences.


Left or right, swipe it all the way

Social Verification:

Manipulate social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to serve the process of authentication


Unlimited Chatting and exchange image,Audio,Video with your matches profiles

Revenue Model:

Monetize the Tindo app by in-app purchases, advertising, marketing and still more!


Liberty to tweak the 100 % customizable source code of Tindo to add unique features serving effectively to generate a wonderful dating experience.


See what’s in the App

Technology & Server Requirements

Get to know what we are using

Node Js


Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps


SSH Access



What will you get?

24 months


36 months




100% Unencrypted Source code

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Tindo- A Dating App Solution

Tindo is our Tinder Clone Script developed to cater to the demands in the dating applications. In this digital era, people turn to the internet and mobile apps for solutions, and it is no different in the dating scenario. We are here to build customized dating applications for our clients based on their business requirements and the current market trends. We use the latest tools and technologies to develop ultra-modern and advanced dating applications with striking designs and layouts.

Why Choose Tindo?

You may wonder what sets Tindo (Tinder Clone) apart from other Tinder clone apps. We use unique algorithms that easily match the people with same interest based on the personal information provided by users and their location preferences. More features can be added or subtracted from the application according to the client’s preference and budget. Our expert team of developers and designers focus on the key integral features that make the dating application functional and then concentrate on the app’s fun features. Other than that we also provide 100% unencrypted source code with free installation and free brand removal. What else are you waiting for? Launch your dating application in both iOS and android with us and generate excellent revenue.

Features of Tindo

Tindo, our Tinder Clone Script has all the obligatory and fun features necessary for a dating application. It makes it easier for users to utilize the application in full potential. Get to know more about our features.

Distance-Based Matches

The distance-based matches allow the user to search for the people according to their distance preferences.

Matching Feature

Our Tinder clone algorithm is unique and compelling and provides automatic matching suggestions based on the user-provided information.

Like and Super-like

The users can quickly like or super-like the profiles in our Tinder Clone Script application which helps the app to personalize the matches.


The Geo-location feature helps the users to find matches based on the location details provided by the users.

Reject Profiles

With Tindo, easily reject profiles respectfully, and the application will not notify the rejected profile.

Tindo Pro Features

With in-app purchase features like Tindo gold plus, the users are more likely to find a perfect match.

Social Login

Our tinder clone allows the users to login via social media applications like Facebook, Instagram and so on.


Our Tindo is a high-performance and efficient application with secure messaging and media sharing features.

Our Integral Features

The integral features are an app’s backbone and ensure the basic functionality of the applications. Get to know our fundamental app’s features.

Application Settings

The applications settings can be easily modified according to the user’s preferences, and profile matches are tuned based on those preferences.

Swipe Option

Swipe right or swipe left to accept or reject a profile, respectively.

Media Sharing

Our Tinder Clone allows the users to share audio, videos, images and texts unlimitedly with at most ease to the matched profiles.

Social Verification

Authentic and verify users by their social media information to make the application safe and secure for everyone to use.

Revenue Model

Generate excellent revenue and ROI with in-app purchases like pro features and advertising to monetize your application.


Our Tinder Clone Script facilitates the clients to customize the features of the application based on their business requirements and preferences. We are here to help you build an exceptional dating application solution.

Support after the Launch

We believe that application launch is not the end of our relationship with our clients. Therefore, we provide one year of full free updates and also 36 months of free support. Can this get any better? Yes, we further extend our support in free application installation and brand removal.

Benefits of Choosing Tindo

Some features in Tindo allow the users to match with the right profiles. Here are the benefits of using Tindo.

Chatting with Unmatched Profile

Users can chat with unmatched profiles by paying a slight sum of money to benefit the services.

In-app Purchases

The users can easily have access to different profiles, and they can further see and explore more profiles using in-app purchases.

Push Notifications

The users can get notified directly from the app, and this will increase user retention and user engagement of the application.

Reach Wider Audience with Our Tinder Clone

Purchase and launch your business successfully with Tindo. Our application is compatible with both android and iOS operating system, and it promotes the app to reach a wider audience. We have a customer-centric approach and endeavour to provide an exceptional application with good user experience and avant-garde features.
If you are looking for a great Tinder Clone Script to commence your dating application business, then you have come to the right place. Our Tindo has all the excellent features and functionalities of the Tinder application but comes in an affordable budget. Our experienced designers and developers strive to provide an efficient and cost-effective dating solution that is market-ready but can also be customizable based on our client’s preferences.
Our application is very comfortable to use for both the admin and the users. The admin gets full control of the web and mobile apps, and everything is readily available in the admin dashboard.
In conclusion, we provide 100% authentic and secure dating app solutions based on the business requirements and market needs. We give full support in customization of the applications and further extend the support even after the application launch. We are here to provide unsolicited services and develop applications that are sophisticated and increase your brand’s worth.



  • Will Tindo products operate on multiple domains?
    Unfortunately No, Our products operate on single domain only. Clients will get the license for another domain for the purpose of testing, and development
  • Is custom development services applicable for all your products?
    Yes, Custom development services are applicable for all our products. We run three engagement models namely fixed cost, time&material, and dedicated developer for providing custom development services.
  • How does the Customization changes go with Tindo?
    The script is tested and working 100%. If you require any customization changes to the script we are happy to do it at best hourly price. Please contact us at [email protected] for customization cost.
  • What is the project management tool used in Tindo?
    We communicate with the client and update the devlepment process in Basecamp( project management tool). All the discussion will happen through Basecamp and if required a skype call can be arranged.
  • What if user/customer modifies the code?
    If a user make some changes in the code/modifies the code; then it would be hard for us to work on modified script. So we strongly recommend customers, not to make any changes with the script; and our free support will be terminated if find any changes made in the script.
  • Does Tindo help in approval of app?
    Yes, we will help with the customers for the approval of the app. We need IOS app store login and google play login details from customers for approval of the app. Our experienced team will communicate with the customer via basecamp/skype to get required details in order to submit the app successfully in app store.